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10 x 10 Displays

At the trade show floor, every visitor means business. The popular 10x10 booths create brand awareness with the smallest rent fee in the convention hall.

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At the trade show floor, every visitor means business. The popular 10x10 booths give you the chance to create brand awareness with the smallest rent fee in the convention hall. These crowded spaces present a challenge for marketers to devise attractive exhibits that drive interaction. Portable, affordable, and noticeable, that is the perfect combination for effective displays in this category.
To help you maximize your marketing dollars, we have selected a great collection of smart choices for any budget. If you are a high-end brand, elegance is the name of your game. If you are innovating in your industry, consider a visually disruptive setup. We have also included some 8 ft. backwalls in this category. They're a flexible option when you also need to attend smaller events in hotels or other venues. Create your perfect deal with the combination of backwalls, counters and accessories that works best for your functional and aesthetic goals. There is no single strategy to grab the attention of attendees. If you need help, just call our exhibit experts for guidance.

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Pliko backlit display Pliko Backlit display
Our Price: $4,500.00
OneFabric 10ft 4x3 Flat Display w/End Caps 10ft OneFabric Flat Display
Our Price: $1,095.00
10 x 10 Displays

As for 10 x 10 Displays, one of the most popular trade show displays -after the trustworthy banner stand- is the 10 x 10 trade show booth kit. Any good trade show booth design starts by the backwall, or the trade show backdrop. The are many options available: you may either use a single pop up display, join some banner display stands to create the backwall, or get a kit that includes it. A 10x10 trade show display can be really simple, like the 10x10 pop up booth that has a single 10 pop up display only. That's enough, but not good enough.

Many portable trade show displays include digital signage displays, and of course, a digital signage player. That's a great idea, as a digital signage media player will convey your message directly and dynamically. You may also go with a backlit display, that will turn your exhibition booth into a magnet for the eyeball, as not many trade show booths 10x10 may have a luminous backwall. Now, what no one tells you is that an event venue may or may not offer special trade show flooring, particularly for a 10x10 trade show display.

So, when planning your 10x10 booth setup, consider getting some trade show booth flooring - we have plenty of options for 10x10 trade show flooring, from rollable trade show flooring to interlocking flooring tiles. Once you have decided on the backwall and flooring, you're ready for some trade show accessories. Here you'll balance between an easily portable booth display, and a heavier, more complete one. But remember that we also offer some great portable display cases for trade shows, including trade show cases with wheels and convertible case to counter units with graphic wraps.

If you are not sure about how to start with your exhibit booth displays, just call us! We will gladly help you with tons of 10x10 booth design ideas.