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10 x 20 Displays

Expand your possibilities with attention-grabbing 20 ft. displays. Take your exhibit one level up with large areas for interaction and visitor engagement.

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With a large area for interaction and engagement, the 20 ft. booth brings great opportunities to take your exhibit one level up. Expand your possibilities with attention-grabbing upgrades like backlit graphics on backwalls, sidewalls and other printed elements. Add interactive elements such as iPad kiosks and digital screen mounts. Highlight your products with display cases or demo stations. Browse our wide selection of smart display solutions and call us for the best deals and tips to help you shine at your next trade show.

  • 10 x 20 Waveline

    Starting at $ 1,520
    Waveline displays are spectacular and set up effortlessly. Optimize your space adding counters, literature stands, digital signage or light boxes to your exhibit to make shine.
  • 10 x 20 Waveline Media

    Starting at $ 2,183
    Waveline Media offers a clever combination of modern design, functional panels, and smart accessories to create custom-looking exhibits at an affordable cost.
  • 10 x 20 Backlit

    Starting at $5,845
    Backlit displays offer a clear advantage to stand out among competitors.
  • 10 x 20 OneFabric

    Starting at $ 3,735
    When you need to expand your trade show presence but still enjoy ease and portability, OneFabric displays are the optimum choice.
  • 10 x 20 Orbital Truss

    Starting at $ 6,485
    Orbital truss' reliable industrial-strength and flexible design allow you to have multiple configurations with just one display
  • 10 x 20 Traditional Popup

    Starting at $ 3,399
    The unbeatable workhorse of the 10 feet booth, the popup exhibit display keeps winning at the 10 by 20 feet scale.
  • 10 x 20 Tension Fabric

    Starting at $ 3,943
    The beauty of a butterfly wing was unmatched in nature until the tension fabric display appeared.
  • 10 x 20 Modular

    Starting at $ 3,479
    When you join the elegance of Modular Displays with the portability and easy setup of tension fabric and dye-sublimated graphics, you do get the perfect hybrid.
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10 x 20 Displays.

Once you have expanded to a comfortable 10x20 trade show booth, you'll find yourself thinking differently about how to develop your trade show booth design ideas. Think about function and visual attractiveness of the 10x20 booth. Trade show displays are made with the purpose of delivering top brand awareness and we are there in order to give you the best deal for as many leads as possible: that's face-to-face marketing objective. With a larger exhibition display, you may fall for the temptation of just filling the space up. Beware that and go for a no-nonsense combination of accessories for the portable trade show displays.

Consider two of the best selling options available: the x banner stand and the retractable banner stands. How can you effectively position those so that your trade show backdrop or backwall graphics will not be obscured? The trade show booth must be carefully planned so that every part of the exhibition display works towards your marketing goals. Maybe a slanted position towards either end of the exhibition booth will do better than a central position. That is the art of the trade show booth displays: balancing the elements to optimize function in order to accomplish your goals.

Anyway, in this day and age, you must consider adding some digital signage displays; people don't immediately read but showing them a video will get their early attention.  Back to the architectural disposition of your trade show booth, we are going for balance here, and, if there is a table the venue is giving you, look first for our trade show table covers. After having one, a table top display stand is a very good option in case you have a 10 feet backwall from and old event and now you can and will reuse it for your 10x20 booth. Use them both as backdrop. Table top banners for trade shows have the advantage of fitting easily in both the 10 ft booth and the larger options, and are easily reused in different venues. Or buy an entirely brand new 10x20 trade show booth: we will be happy to counsel you through the selection and buying process. Just give us a call!