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20 x 20 Displays

Large islands or peninsula displays are the best for making a lasting impression with your brand. Explore multiple configurations and add any accessories as needed.

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With a 20x20 exhibit space you are set to make a lasting impression. Increase recall and showcase your confidence by connecting with visitors in a unique brand experience. Whether in an island or peninsula setup, these large areas give event marketers creative freedom. Enhance your booth with tall structures, hanging elements and engaging demo areas. We have curated a comprehensive selection of display configurations, all of them featuring striking designs. You decide the impact level you're looking for. If you need to personalize them, our exhibit experts can help you find the best deal to match style, function, and budget.

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20 x 20 Displays. When it comes to trade show displays, the 20x20 booth is the flag stand of a notorious brand. The 20x20 trade show booth requires more architectural decision than trade show booths 10x10, since visitors will come to the trade show booth from all sides. A single-sided pop up display would probably come short, but double-sided pop up trade show displays are a good option. At this size, trade  show flooring is also a must, since the exhibition display requires a certain atmosphere, a distinctive look and feel that starts with rollable trade show flooring or interlocking portable trade show flooring. One of the most popular trade show booth ideas for a large exhibition booth to stand out are trade show hanging signs: these floating brand halos serve as beacons for trade show attendees to find your trade show booth. Once you have decided to hang a blimp over the booth in order to monopolize visitor's attention, a tension fabric display for the whole trade show booth might be the coherent choice, because it would give visual unity to the ensemble. Other 20 x 20 trade show booth ideas include using digital signage displays and modifying the pre-established kits by adding tension fabric towers, Brandcusi banner stands and tension fabric media panels. One important factor to consider within 20 x 20 booth ideas is illumination: lighting can make the difference and put trade show booths 10x10 at the same level of a custom trade show booth. Last but not least, as the size of the booth increases, the number of trade show shipping cases must increase. So, consider buying some convertible case-to-counter shipping hard cases. Just give us a call and we will gladly help you.