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Transform your trade show booth into an interactive business machine by adding dynamic digital content with versatile Media Stands.

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Transform your trade show display booth into an interactive business machine by adding one or more media stands: iPad and tablet stands, monitor stands and kiosks will convey your dynamic digital content and allow for interaction. Movement in the screen will catch the eye and digital information will push your business forward. Brand them with eye-catching graphics proudly printed in the USA, and enjoy the one-day production time.

  • Kiosks

    Starting at $ 499
    Multifunctional information kiosks engage customers and aid with lead data acquisition. Locking counters optional.
  • iPad and Tablet Stands

    Starting at $ 120
    iPad and tablet stands attract your audience for interaction and keep your audience engaged. Relocatable and brandable single and dual device holders.
  • TV / Monitor Stands

    Starting at $ 649
    A standalone monitor stand can tell your product's story in seconds. Includes locking counters and shelves.
  • Digital Banner Stands

    Starting at $ 2,999
    Immediately catch the glimpses of your audience with a modern touch, and forget about graphic replacements forever!
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Trade show displays are now incomplete without iPad and Tablet Stands, Kiosks or Monitor Stands. The traditional trade show monitor stand is a standalone piece that you can relocate easily within trade show displays; if you need that the trade show booth be configured in a flexible manner instead of sticking to some fixed trade show booth design, that is a great way to go with it. The monitor stand comes integrated with a place for the digital signage player. You may even find a triple monitor stand, which is an oddity, but can be attached to some of the modular trade show display solutions. We certainly do not recommend it as an addition to the available standalone monitor stands, that wouldn’t hold it, but it might be a trendy thing to have in your trade show booth. The easiest way to do something like that would be to use it as some sort of table top display, and set it on a sturdy table (don’t forget about those trade show table covers to brand it); some of our finest portable trade show counters will clearly stand the weight load. But back to the less exuberant, one of the key features that your trade show booth design must include is the ipad kiosk. Notwithstanding the iPad price, some sort of iPad mount or iPad stand is a modern necessity in the trade show booth displays nowadays. Of course the ipad cost might be a deterrent, but if you look for ipad deals or can pull some ipad trade in thing, a cheap ipad should be no problem. Anyway, you can always go with the regular tablet stand, but the ipad holder is where you want to be.