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Advertise in any weather with flags, banners, tents and other accessories. Be seen in the green with these displays.

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Advertise in any weather with flags, banners, tents and other accessories. Be seen in the green with these displays that give you the advantage of reaching your audience right when and where they are. Graphics proudly printed in the USA. Call us for the one-day production time!

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Bubble Poster Bubble Poster
Our Price: $127.00
Teardrop Banner Flag Stand OUTDOOR Teardrop Banner Flag Stand
Our Price: $148.00 FREE Ground Shipping
Single Sided Feather Banner Flag Stand OUTDOOR Feather Banner Flag Stand
Our Price: $148.00 FREE Ground Shipping
10ft Tent Hard Case 10ft Tent Hard Case
Our Price: $380.00
Outdoor Flagpole Outdoor Flagpole
Our Price: $690.00
When the trade show displays are located outdoors, although the weather might be your main concern, visibility is a more complex issue. There are no chances of placing your traditional trade show hanging signs over your trade show booth, although an overhead banner may be your alternative.You may also be considering that flag pole, and how would your outdoor umbrella or canopy tent look. In fact, you should be thinking about a pop up canopy if the venue does not provide. Your tent canopy is your overhead banner now. Outdoor flags, outdoor banner stands and outdoor tables are your best friends now. A flag banner or other outdoor signs offer great possibilities and all sorts of banner graphics are available for you. We offer you one day production times, and the banner printing is proudly made in the USA. Feather flags and flag pole kits will increase the chances of being seen, and augment the loudness of your trade show booth design. A flag stand / flag display will replace other visual strategies like a display tower. A tension fabric tower may not fit under a canopy, unless you go for a start tent canopy, which requires a large footprint of at least 43 feet. Being outdoors you should consider that a pop up display or tension fabric display may require a somewhat level ground or flat floor, or a floor that is not excessively rough or stony. As always, the retractable banner stand is king outdoors, since its base is stable enough to stand even on a coarse surface. Most banner stands will also be OK, although the wind is again the main concern; look for spike base or water base. In terms of alternatives, all sorts of hanging vinyl banners will be fine under the canopy or outside the canopy, but you have to make sure that any custom banners, framed prints, outdoor umbrella stands and your printed canopy itself are UV resistant, so you may shop for a screened canopy. A pop up canopy tent alone doesn’t make an outdoor display stand, but its additions do, so, data connectivity and power supply are key things: any digital signage will surely require them. Being outdoors also means it might be better to find a display case for your products instead of just shelves or other tabletop product displays. Last but not least, carrying cases are in order to have a truly portable booth display; we offer a variety of trade show shipping cases from which you may choose.