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Protect your trade show assets while in transit. Safe by design, some of these cases double as podiums or counters.

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Cases are a prime necessity for the traveling exhibitor. Are you ready to protect your valuable investment while in transit? Nothing offers peace of mind like the confidence that the carrying case is safe by design. Notice you can use some of these cases as podiums or counters, in a truly advantageous double-duty. Trust us, you need them. So we took our time to get the best ones at the best prices for you: enjoy!

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4400 Oval Case 4400 Oval Case
Our Price: $139.00
4200A Case 4200A Case
Our Price: $220.00
4200B Case 4200B Case
Our Price: $220.00
OCH2 Hard Shipping Case OCH2 Hard Shipping Case
Our Price: $285.00
OCF Large Rectangular Freight Shipper OCFM Freight Shipper
Our Price: $365.00
4300 All-In-One Case 4300 All-In-One Case
Our Price: $545.00
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