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iPad and Tablet Stands

iPad and tablet stands attract your audience for interaction and keep your audience engaged. Relocatable and brandable single and dual device holders.

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Attract and address your audience for a two-way interaction while optimizing your booth space and brand presence with these iPad and tablet stands. These floor stands are relocatable and brandable; both single and dual device holders will keep your audience engaged and your devices safe. You may target different audiences at the same time by distributing them in your trade show booth. Manufactured entirely in the USA. Call us for the one-day production time in graphic printings!

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A good trade show iPad stand may go with a traditional configuration, featuring a computer mouse and keyboard and the kiosk monitors in the monitor stand. A modern ipad stand is simpler, but can be better to use a special ipad trade show kiosk app. IPads give visitors the freedom and ability to find what they want easily, but must also be used for collecting valuable data. You don't have to be intrusive; just let people browse what they want and capture their relevant activity - always ask for permission to do so in an opt-in screen. Remember that a kiosk tradeshow display should mean more leads, and that it goes beyond mere branding. Computer kiosk stations are a source of information both for you and for the visitor, through the adequate interaction; that's why you may need trade show kiosk software, which helps you to obtain actionable data.
Enjoy the benefit of one day production on our graphics - proudly printed in the USA. Go for your trade show iPad stands, and call us now!