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Multifunctional information kiosks engage customers and aid with lead data acquisition. Locking counters optional.

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Information kiosks are multifunctional and purposeful additions to any trade show display. They increase visitor volume, and foster communication. Use them for broadcasting your message with a regular screen or to engage customers in a computer stand or workstation. Our options include locking counters for device safety. In today's trade show displays, these standalone information hubs are the preferred form of customer data acquisition: visitors may freely browse for information and opt-in to your mailing lists, giving you real-time data about their preferences and needs. Graphics proudly printed in the USA. Call us for the one-day production time!

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The trade show kiosk is your opportunity for  capturing business leads. Trade show kiosks promote smart interaction with customers and allow for transparent data collection and processing. If you add  computer kiosk stations to your trade show display stand, your objectives can easily be reached.
Initially, good portable kiosks and tradeshow kiosk setups include touch screen devices for visitors to browse; By planning your trade show booth design strategically to include an interactive trade show kiosk, you are offering visitors the chance to directly obtain the information they need, after being approached by your booth staff.
Remember to keep some trade show counter tables and trade show podium tables at hand; adding some trade show tables counters, kiosk tables or kiosk counters will help you make your attendees more comfortable and may be used for office paperwork, or other uses. Even if you are going for an essential trade show ipad kiosk, people need to see some tabletop areas if only to drop things off. Call us for the best deals!