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Freestanding panels

Use these tension fabric building blocks to create any structure you require in your trade show booth.
Unleash your creativity and reorder any trade show exhibit by adding and connecting as many of these double-sided brandable aids as you require. Brand not only your booth, but any suitable and available corner in the venue, if you get the chance!

Whether you need to improve your display booth or you want to create one from scratch, single and double-sided freestanding panels are the most versatile option. Available in any size you need, they can be combined, joined, and appended as needed to any trade show display.
Used individually, you may place our freestanding panels in places beyond the trade shows, convention halls, or auditoriums: think hotel lobbies, ballrooms, arenas, gardens, and theater aisles. Remember to ask for our media mounts available. They will showcase your brand vividly with the graphic background of our Tension Fabric graphics -proudly printed in the USA. Call us, and ask for our one-day production advantage.

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