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10 x 10 Traditional Popup

The fastest booth deployment for the same visual impact: portability, reliability and ease.

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A classic and unbeatable workhorse, the popup exhibit display triumphs each and every time is put to the test at the trade show floor. Either covered in tension fabric or with vinyl graphics, you can create a full display in a jiffy by just lifting up the lightweight aluminum structure.

The 10 x 10 popup category includes such diverse items as a pop up tent, a pop up canopy, a pop up banner stand, and a pop up tabletop display. Their common denominator is how easily they can get deployed and populate the trade show booth displays. Being just as simple as any banner stand, but with the added advantage of a solid appearance and greater stability, the idea of a ready-made pull up stand is a winner for the display booth. Some popup trade show displays may include large 20 x 20 island trade show booths, which would be really difficult to assemble if you wouldn’t use a pop up structure for it. Add a monitor stand with digital signage and set screen mirroring, and populate with retractable banners. Don’t forget a display case, and some table covers, just in case.